10 Incredible Living Walls around the World

The idea of a living wall conjures up all sorts of images. This form of urban gardening is often designed as an art form to decorate buildings in cities and has been hailed as one way to make cities more enjoyable, healthier and ultimately greener places.
1. Musee du Quai Branly [Paris]
One of the best loved vertical gardens inhabits the walls of the Musee du Quai Branly in Paris. Created by Patrick Blanc, the inventor of vertical garden systems, this living wall is simply stunning.

2. CaixaForum Museum [Madrid]
Another amazing living wall design created by Patrick Blanc, the CaixaForum museum has become a popular tourist attraction largely thanks to this creation. Approximately 15,000 plants of 250 different species were used to cover this 24 metre high wall.
3. SkyFarm [Toronto]
This 714 foot structure in downtown Toronto, Canada is a superb example of how living walls and vertical gardens can actually be profitable as well as beautiful.
4. Vancouver Aquarium [Vancouver]
This award winning living wall was created to act as a noise buffer from the city street and to prove that buildings and ecology can be integrated to enable cities to become greener.
5. Marche des Halles [Avignon]
Another fabulous living wall design by Patrick Blanc, this creation illustrates that not only are urban vertical gardens ecologically beneficial but they can also prove to be highly artist creations as well.
6. Qantas First Lounge [Sydney International Airport]
Traveling, even when on holiday, can be stressful. Airports are busy, noisy places and waiting for a flight is incredibly boring and sometimes frustrating - but not if you are one of the lucky few to wait in the Qantas First Lounge in Sydney Airport.
7. Siam Paragon Shopping Centre [Bangkok]
The Siam Paragon Shopping Center would have looked positively dull if it wasn’t for the living walls strategically placed in the interior of the mall. Creating a calm atmosphere and adding color, the architecture now looks absolutely stunning.
8. Parabienta [Japan]
This eco-friendly living wall is the result of a collaboration of two Japanese companies, Shimizu and Minoru Industries. Said to be relatively inexpensive to create and maintain, the living wall makes a significant contribution to cooling the building thereby helping to lower energy consumption.
9. Rica Talk Hotel [Stockholm]
The restaurant in the Rica Talk Hotel was transformed into a botanical oasis by Michael Hellgren, a landscape architect. To fill the 82 meter square space, he used approximately 3000 plants from more than 100 different species.
10. Oulu Bar & Eco-Lounge [Williamsburg]
Cited as Brooklyn’s first living wall, the Oulu Bar & Eco-Lounge certainly attracts attention with its huge external living wall. Manufactured by a company called ETL and installed by Green Living Technologies, this stunning vertical garden covers the entire front facade of the building and makes a beautiful contrast against the wooden door and window frame.
Picture Credit : Chemically Green

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