Gossip Lily Allen Admits She’s An Idiot!


We’ll give Lily Allen some credit. At least she’s honest!

Lily just purchased a rather pricey watch, but just hours later she was trying to sell it. For less than what she paid!

The hard-pAArtying 24-year-old singer purchased a Breitling watch for £4,440. But for whatever reason, Lily ended up not liking the watch, so she decided to try and sell it on her Twitter page.

The asking price? Just £3,200, so about $4,500!

Lily wrote on her wall earlier today:

“does anyone want to buy a brand new Breitling. its too big for me.”

Cuz of course a normal person wouldn’t try it on before purchasing it, right?

Then she writes:

“3200 quid, i bought it for 4440 euro, so id be making a loss.”

She then posted a link to a picture of the watch which you can view online and wrote, “thats the watch. god im an idiot.

We agree!

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